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Make the connection, chat in the app, move over to texting and set the first date.I figured, if technology could increase the range of my dating pool, then God bless technology.

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The only way one can get out of that shame spiral is to keep swiping “yes” until successfully matching with someone else. The odds were in my favor when I used my arsenal of dating apps.She was by no means unattractive in person, but she didn't look like the woman she clearly wanted potential dates to she looked like. We are presenting ourselves to a stranger based on the five best pictures ever taken of us. But if you’re featuring a photo of you from 2007, chances are you’ve changed in the last eight years.It’s those pictures where the light catches you just right, your good side is in full focus, everything comes together in that magical moment that makes you think, “Wow! Of course we’re going to choose the best photos of ourselves. It doesn’t matter if the changes are good or bad; that’s all subjective.Microsoft Style Guides are collections of rules that define language and style conventions for specific languages.The Microsoft Terminology Collection is a set of standard technology terms used across Microsoft products.I quickly lost sight of the purpose of dating apps which was to increase the possibilities of finding someone who I could forge a serious connection with and give me a reason to never look at Tinder again.

There's the catch: You'll never find anything meaningful from a dating app if you aren't looking for anything more meaningful than a date.

The date lasted one drink, and we went our separate ways.

My experience finally proved to me everything that’s wrong with dating apps. I remember one woman I had a drink with that clearly curated photos from years prior and possibly used filters and angles to present herself in a better, more attractive light.

We forget, and I know I forgot, that meeting someone in person and mutually deciding to see each other again already means a connection worth exploring has been established.

We find a spark that interests us, and the spark is real.

And at their worst, they're completely superficial.