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This is not a sleazy way of acting, but a artful way to generate the chemistry sought by both genders. Femininity, lovability, irresistible, radiant and a tried and true method to meet men.The good news about flirting is that it doesn’t require a certain body type, age or extreme beauty.

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When you see a woman at an event or party who is surrounded by men, she is demonstrating this ability and you can see how men respond positively.It’s much more about allowing your INNER BEAUTY to shine through.Permit your feminine side to radiate your womanly allure so men will be drawn to you naturally. When you are lovable, you are easy to be with, kind, sassy, pleasant, open, fun, warm, intelligent – many of the qualities you already are!Then you couple that with an optimistic outlook on men and love and there you are – more lovable than you can imagine.Today, I not only applaud this, but encourage women to do this for success in love as well.

The “I” might also stand for an She takes good care of herself and understands the importance of self care for building self-esteem.

Unfortunately for some women, this has been buried deeply and suppressed.

It has been replaced by staunch independence to survive without a partner.

Self-reliance has caused many women to build their more masculine side and build a successful career with financial independence. We can literally do everything without having a partner including having children.

But, and this is big, if you want a man in your life, you need to be in touch with your feminine charm. You want to embody love and be the love you want so men see you as lovable.

When I worked in the corporate world, I must admit I despised women who traded on their femininity for success.