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Results of U-Pb analyses on zircon from two pluton and two dike samples yield ages of 20 to 23 Ma. Synextensional basins formed by detachment faulting during the core complex development. The overall orientation of the pluton and associated dikes is west-northwest, roughly perpendicular to the extension direction.

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"Ebitda for 2017 is expected to be split more or less evenly between wind-farm operations and construction contracts and divestment gains," stated the company's financial report.For the first time, Dong reported its oil and gas assets as discontinuing operations, ahead of a planned sell-off of its fossil fuel assets.The firm also announced plans to remove all coal-based generation from its portfolio by 2023. Dikes adjacent to the pluton are common in the Mitchel Range, at The Buttes, and at Fremont Peak. The principal intrusion is an early Miocene granite pluton exposed in outcrops across an area greater than 400 km2.However, order totals fell 24% compared with the same period in 2016 to €1.4 billion.

Siemens said this was due to an exceptionally high Q1 2016 which included a €1 billion offshore wind order.

Meanwhile, German rival Siemens has increased its financial year forecast after a strong first quarter, which saw net income rise by 25% year-on-year.

As a whole, the Siemens industrial group saw revenues increase 1% to €19.1 billion in the first quarter of its financial year, which begins on 1 October.

The 40Ar/39Ar ages for tuff beds are as old as 23.8±0.3 Ma near the base of the lower Pickhandle Formation and as young as 21.3±0.5 Ma in the uppermost lower Pickhandle. The diversity of intrusive relations relative to the timing and development of the mylonitic fabric in the CMMCC precludes any simple cause-and-effect relationship between magmatism and extensional deformation.

Rocks in these basins compose the Jackhammer and Pickhandle formations and filled an elongate, NW trending trough more than 50 km long.

It also increased its earnings per share from €6.80-€7.20 to €7.20-€7.70.