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" (and you're a firm believer of anything divine and written on the stars), think about how men are like and what they like and try to incorporate it with a Archer's characteristics. " That way you've avoided answering his question in a polite BUT playful manner and at the same time leaving him with a little puzzle to figure out.4) Flirt.

It’s actually only remotely pleasant for the person in front – the little spoon – as they get to a) breathe and b) feel the ‘junk’ of the other person pressing into their back. Even worse is when they spit their pet names at each other at dinner parties, or maybe in supermarkets (see above) during a row. Have fun with our adult networks start jerking now!Just like every other male specie, a Sagittarius guy is testosterone filled. And once they do, expect him to head out of the door and look for some fun and excitement. Show up on his doorstep one evening with a couple tickets for a basketball game. The most boring, cliché, coupletastic thing any gruesome twosome can do. Don’t blame the innocent singletons drifting by with their trolley. Then, after your friend has eagerly listened to all this wisdom – and not even asked you about your day – and tearfully agreed they are better off without this rotten apple, they’ll get a text and will zoom off, back to his arms, making you look like an acidic old gossip.

Arriving late to cinemas/planes etc and expecting everyone to shift around so they can sit together. Make cow eyes at each other if they don’t get to sit together on public transport. You will inevitably lay down some real talk about why the breakup happened and how one of the pair was really bad for the other.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, you’ve got dickhead couples pulling this kind of crap all around you, reminding you how unloved, lonely and insignificant you are: 1. “Two spoons, please” is a knife in the throat of any self-respecting singleton. Especially if it’s a recently defrosted cheesecake in a Harvester.

You may want to spend your days ambling dreamily hand-in-hand, but, guys, you’re in the middle of a really busy Tesco Express and I’m trying to reach the tenderstem. Even worse is boasting about getting round the entire store without arguing.

There are smooth, slender twinks, as well as college boys earning a little extra tuition, athletic jocks, average guys, a few porn stars and some daddies over 40.

Some of the performers have tattoos, others are clean cut and ink-free; I found trim, well-groomed guys, and also scruffy models with artfully messy hair and maybe a day or 2 of beard growth.

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