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Actress dating boxer

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In November 1980, Durán and Leonard face at the ring for the second time, this time the venue is in New Orleans.But in the eighth round, the people of Panama are shocked when Durán gives up by saying "No más" (English: "No more") to the referee, thus Leonard wins via technical knockout (68–66, 68–66, and ).

Growing up in Panama, Durán is homeschooled by Chaflan, who teaches young Roberto some vital life lessons.It stars Jayam Ravi and Trisha in the lead roles, while Prakash Raj and Nathan Jones play pivotal roles as antagonists.There are two rival factions of boxing in North Madras.Bhooloham, who desperately needs money to fund Arumugam's operation, falls prey to Deepak's Plan.As Bhooloham hits Dayal after the match is over, he loses the match.Due to this incident, Ray is retired from his training and tells Durán that Plomo will be his coach.

In June 1983, New York City, the day of his fight against Davey Moore, Leonard gratefully meets Durán for the first time since the rematch, saying that he forgives Durán. At the fight with Moore up to the eighth round, now Leonard is now commentator, Durán won via technical knockout, eventually restores his popularity and pride by the people of Panama.

At the house party, informed by his manager Carlos Eleta, Durán reluctantly agrees to the rematch but it is impossible for him to prepare for a November fight.

Chaflan is later killed after being ran over by a truck.

Upon returning home in Panama, he faces angry protests.

Durán tells his wife that he regrets letting them down and needs to go back in the ring in order to regain his popularity and the forgiveness of his fans.

One night, Durán confronts Leonard in front of his wife and insults him by calling him a "clown." The incident frustrates Ray.