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Aksara adult

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Therefore, learning process for adults must assist them in exploring their experience in order to learn new things.A cooperative group learning can also help them to share opinion with others.

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the process of addressing their past experience and the process of enriching experience.As such, it is crucial that trainers learn about adult learning characteristics.The understanding of adult learning characteristics is needed to determine compatible and effective training strategies for training participants.adults with prior knowledge and adults without prior knowledge.But it is necessary to remember that adults already possess several characteristics that play a role in determining the best strategies for them.According to UNESCO (Townsend Coles 1977 in Lanundi (1982), adult education is defined as the entire body of organized educational processes, whatever the content, level and method, whether formal or otherwise, whether they prolong or replace initial education in schools, colleges and universities as well as in apprenticeship, whereby persons regarded as adult by the society to which they belong develop their abilities, enrich their knowledge, improve their technical or professional qualifications and bring about changes in their attitudes or behavior in the twofold perspective of full personal development and participation in balanced and independent social, economic and cultural development.

Meanwhile, according to Bryson in Supriyanto (2007) Adult education comprises all educational activities in which adults engage in their daily life using only a part of their time and energy in order to gain additional intellectual knowledge.

Basically education is a process of facilitating a person to search and find the knowledge needed in life through learning, rendering all human activities potential to be used as part of learning process.

Andragogy strategy stimulates adults to engage in the process of searching and finding the knowledge they need in life.

Material presented must be practiced to be instilled properly, the appropriate methods being inter alia demonstration, simulation and practicing.

For example, to reach competency in how to use GPS and input additional data in OSM, it would render a training meaningless when participants only know and understand how to use GPS and add OSM data without demonstration by facilitators, simulation by some of participants and practical session involving all participants.

The principles can be explained as follows: Identification of learning strategies is based on the objective to achieve.