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There is various free website platforms and software to get you started.Maintaining a virtual store is far cheaper than running a traditional store.

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But do think about the hosting and other related costs.Your online store is your connection to people who can’t come to your physical store.Low maintenance costs Adding or setting up an e Commerce website won’t break the bank.With careful thinking and planning, you can earn a substantial income from your skills. They approach failures with an “I can do it” attitude.Let’s look at the various ways you can make money from what you know or already have… Therefore, they use stumbling blocks as stepping stones to success.Take a peek at what they’re doing by looking at their websites. Don’t take them for granted and presume you know what they like or dislike, or they may wander over to your competitors.

Conclusion Embrace the internet, step out of your comfort zone and take your business to a new level. Always make sure your customers are catered for at all times, however. Cultivate your skills and build a profitable side hustle.

Put an e Commerce store on your website ready for online shoppers. Many small business owners started out by making use of their passion, knowledge and skills to develop a successful business.

On the other hand, maybe you need to make money to fund a big project such as deposit towards buying a house or a car.

Read More A Facebook business page has the potential for getting you leads if you manage it properly.

There’s a huge scope for new customers on Facebook.

Also, unless you’re tech savvy, you will have to pay a website developer to keep on top of things such as maintaining and managing your e Commerce site.