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B2 dating site complaints

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The expiration date is December 5, 2008, but because you are blocked, there is nothing else you can do. Sincerely, Peter Bell be2 customer service *** Pretty interesting since I haven't logged on in months and last I checked, I was just a guy checking out life after a divorce (commercial purposes??? Obviously they needed a way out and when I actually had proof of my numerous attempts to cancel and advised one of the credit card companies about the possibility of fraudulent charges it all went away (hopefully). I found my current fiance through the site and could cancel the service later on without a problem.I have therefore also deleted your account and turned off all email notifications and newsletters from us, as you requested. They do back a few of the fantastic claims they make but after my experience and those of others, I'd advise people to stay well away. That I had to send a fax in order to cancel was not really a big deal to me and I think pricing has been fair considering the level of quality and service I've been getting there.

This is a breach of our general terms and conditions agreement.Sincerely, Peter Bell be2 customer service *** The membership is not cancelled though!I then again sent my cancellation fax to the number on the website only to find that my fax number is now being blocked as well!I simpy forgot to cancel the payment of £119.94 taken on but I went online early on and discovered the amount had been taken. I totally agree with Ben above, I had the exact same problem as he did and I did pay £5 free trial and I sent them a very nice e-mail telling them I no longer needed to continue with the dating agency and I got an e-mail back from them thanking me for using the service and I thought that was the end of it until I noticed on my statement £119.94 had been taken off my account, my credit card is putting this forward to dispute and I have cancelled this card just in case.I emailed the company straightaway and wrote to the company 0n and and have received no reply. Hopefully enough people will stop and they will clean up their act.. Again I am getting silly emails asking me to cancel by fax or e-mail, but I have already cancelled and they obviously have received this..this is a total money making scam !Once you subscribe it is impossible to see how to leave.

I find it outrageous that BE2 recommend in the small print that you must fax Luxembourg to cancel. This is pure fraud and a scandal that offshore companies can be allowed to steal money from British and Irish citizens. The site is ineffective and I suspect a lot of the people who contacted me from Ghana are nothing but scammers.

Off to the UPS store where they were able to fax directly, without problems.

The entire set of printed emails, faxes and confirmations were then scanned into a PDF and sent back to Peter Bell (or Green or Alexander or Graham depending on the day).

be2 Gmb H 2 Kofferschmattsgaessel L-6755 GREVENMACHER Registered In Luxembourg, under B 123206 European VAT ID: LU 21536271 Sent: Mon, 22.

September 2008 To: ( [email protected]) Subject: Re: Delete my profile : Over payment - Service ID [715266002] Sometimes it is Peter Alexander So maybe same person Since they Can steal From A card why cant they put the money back Is this a scam or rip off Any way I have made a complaint to the Gardái ( Irish Police )I agree, I had the same problem. There is no link on the site to cancell your membership.

Peter Bell Peter Alexander They keep changing the name, Check out the directors details on google..