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I quickly dismissed the idea and turned my attention back to the television.After seeing her pussy, I was no longer able to look at her the same.

Rachel immediately replied with a devilsih grin on her stunning face, “I won’t tell if you don’t!I would have to share a room with the girls, certainly not the worst thing to have to bear. On the way back to the room, I told the girls I was going to stop at a liquor store and buy myself some Crown Royal and Coke.We left Friday afternoon for LA and checked into the room around P. The first evening was uneventful and the girls went to sleep early since we had to be at the Anaheim Convention Center at 7 A. I joked with the girls and asked them what they wanted. The girls giggled as Rachel answered, “Yeah, I’ve drank before!She also warned me she believed Rachel would report me if I tried anything.I had almost given up any real hope of ever experiencing the pleasure of feeling her young body against mine until last weekend.Please Note: Before downloading you can preview any song by mouse over the ▶ PLAY button and click Play or Click to DOWNLOAD button to download hd quality mp3 files.

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Although I certainly never thought I would act on my desire, Rachel unknowingly did something a couple months ago to change that. Rachel and Lynn had been jumping on our trampoline.

Both girls walked in the house for some bottled water and decided to rest on the couch.

Her slightly longer then shoulder length bleach blond hair contrasted beautifully with her perfectly tanned skin.

Standing 5’ 7” tall, her 110 pound body was athletically toned.

Her pubic hair was a sexy mixture of light brown and blonde hair and her young pussy lips beckoned to be kissed. I am certain Rachel didn’t realize she was exposing herself to me but nonetheless, a dark voice inside me was trying to convince me otherwise.