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“Besides it’s my dream.” I had to laugh, oh the two of them were So funny! ” She said to him with a Smile that looked like a snarl. Why would I be Here, or any of us if this was your dream? This is worse than when Shelly was Preaching to me about love and light and Her lightworker nonsense over lunch after The salon. Every Time she talks about that lightworker Stuff of hers I have a dream like this.” A strained pause as everyone watched and Listened.

” “Because I like to torture myself in my Sleep.” Joe bellowed at her. The others in the line seemed too Confused to talk…Joe however… “Hey,” Joe said leaning close to me like he Was drunk, “If you write this down, no one Will read it, right? (OOPS) “Cool,” he said, “Then, can you write down that I am very good looking? I always feel Stupid when I read.” “Imagine that.” Julie laughed. Joe looked around, he was always the Most vocal man! ” He said of these strange looking People all around us, staring and watching Us intently. The Little men…” “Everyone is little to you.” Julie snapped. *SONG* “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler https:// And the Mystic took the sacred hourglass Full of the sands from their ancient shrine And poured them into the waters Of the watching pool…into the Holy Water Where reflections beheld the spirit cries Of those waiting… Ripples in the water resounding through The Universe…of Circles…

The Mystic’s hand dropped the ring into them then The Circle…forging ripples into the water… Felt in souls across the stars, and through them Into them…to break the bonds of false hearts Stolen in time, a day of reckoning Righting all wrongs, so that truth could see Through them… Circles from across the stars The deaf defeated by mischievous lies Did not hear them… And the Star Elder said, “Bring them together.” One by one, in galaxies across the stars Those bound to the hour glass awoke And called out to each other…

“You know you were a lot nicer before you cut Your hair!

” “Aw, Barbie’s scared of the little Pink Oompa-Loompas.” Joe mocked her laughing. He complied with a bit Of a laugh, but was a little nervous to do it.

Through a foggy dream state, lost in worlds Of dreams and meaningless time wasted… There, bewildered and curious they were Set into a line before him and his people… On a sanctuary world known only to The Watchers; where all refugees go. Those are the ones I saw in dreams So many times I could paint their Without thinking! Joe kept blinking and walking back and forth On unsteady feet beside me.

You draw stuff.” “I draw sometimes, yeah.” I answered but Had no clue what he meant.

No, that’s Not what I was—“ “You know what your problem is?