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Even if all the debts are run up by the second user, the main card-holder is solely liable."There is no such thing as a joint credit card," said James Jones of Experian.If separation is bad enough at the best of times, it can be far worse if there are unpleasant revelations of this kind.

Experian saw a 15 per cent increase in these so-called "disassociation" requests in 2011."Encourage them [the partner] to get their own credit card."Many people might be surprised at the way liability on credit cards work.Amongst the 12 million Barclaycard holders in the UK, for instance, nearly 2.5 million have allowed a second person to be registered on their card.The couple of months just after Christmas have come to be seen as the busiest time for break-ups.But Mr Susskind says that this trend is weakening as fewer people can afford to split up.The average rating given by credit scorer Experian is "fair" (or, more precisely, 754 out of a maximum score of 999).

Since a "good" mark is only achieved with a mark of 881 or more, most people are rather lacking in the way they manage their money.

As the divorce and separation cycle reaches its January and February peak, these practices are probably being discovered in greater numbers now.

An Ombudsman spokesman says: "We've started to see an increase in the number of inquiries and complaints where a marital – or other relationship – breakdown has been a factor."About 5 per cent of the mortgage-related complaints before the Ombudsman involve "problems where one partner has taken out additional borrowing against the mortgage without the other party being aware".

"The implication of the link is that if the person gets into financial difficulties, you are going to bail them out."Many couples pay their mortgages from a joint account which they both pay into.

But sometimes one partner takes on the responsibility, often receiving a monthly payment for this purpose from the other.

However, banks have to consider compromises in hardship cases.