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North Americans are no stranger to food porn on You Tube, of course.

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CNN’s Boston TV channel accidentally broadcasts 30 minutes of hardcore porn The story was written by Mary-Ann Russon and detailed how CNN aired a half hour of hardcore porn in what was supposed to be the time slot for ” joke here). She wrote in her Twitter bio, “sorry guys, weirdos sending me hate mail in the wake of #bourdainporn.” For one, I would have just gone with the hashtag #Porndain and called it a day, but there are more important things to point out here, namely that this whole things to be one big fraud (though for all I know Jeff Zucker and Amy Entelis are planning a CNN Porn Original Series I know nothing about).Twitch streamers already have a food sub-channel on creative, but the social eating category was added for those who want to eat food online instead of — or in addition to — preparing the food themselves.Live streaming video platform Twitch broadcast every episode of the TV show The Joy of Painting to launch Twitch creative, a place where people can live stream their own creative process.This is done using simple text files called cookies which sit on your computer.These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information.It would seem to me as if CNN saw the instant uproar over it this morning and provided the above line to If this is true, then it would truly be a first in our moment-by-moment overly-connected culture where only ONE person in an entire TV market happened to catch THIRTY MINUTES OF HARDCORE BANGIN’ LIVE ON CNN.

It would go down in TV history as the most missed half-hour of d programming of all time…

Thanksgiving Night snafu of disastrously epic proportions on CNN.

Otherwise I’m relatively sure we would have seen a ton of “ this one perfect snapshot — and nothing else — which pixelates the naughty parts while leaving the Ti Vo lower third graphic untouched.

The piece features a number of Tweets from one user in particular: @solikearose, a user in Boston who asked her cable provider RCN via Twitter last night, “@universalhub did anyone else with @RCNconnects in Boston see the hardcore porn that was broadcast on @CNN by mistake? Looking through the hour-by-hour Twitter history of matching terms, the @solikearose account does indeed seem to be the first one to call attention to the mistake. RCN responded by addressing Rose’s concerns directly on Twitter: “We have not had any programming reports of the programming issue you mentioned on CNN in Boston,” the account said, urging the woman to contact them with a follow-up.

” The cable provider RCN services homes in the Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D. Here is her first Tweet on the issue last night that I screegrabbed this morning: She even Tweeted out a photo of her screen: As happens in our industry, news spread like digital wildfire; before we knew it, ran with, “CNN accidentally airs 30 minutes of non-stop hardcore porn.” Mashable went with, “30 minutes of hardcore porn just aired on CNN, apparently.” And those weren’t the only news outlets: Complex. Based on extensive searches through Tweetdeck for varying terms, it would appear as if only @solikearose Tweeted about the ordeal, something that seems incredibly unlikely for an 11 p.m.

save for one girl in Boston with a black cat Twitter photo.