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Every time we access an Internet resource (web, mail, IRC, etc…) our ADSL modem or router is connected “directly”: all packets transmitted by our computer are addressed via routers and switches across the net to their final destination.Every time our packets pass through a network device, someone could read, analyze, intercept and hijack our communications.

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There might be shady activity going on all around you, but you’re powerless to stop it!For more details on creating a Freesite, see Freenet Wiki: j Site.To Join or Not to Join Whether or not you decide to try out Freenet is a matter of personal preference.Credit: freesocial.Privacy Features If you’re already a Tor user, you might wonder how Freenet is any different. Freenet uses a distributed data store for keeping and delivering information.While Tor allows anonymous access to the clearnet, as well as the ability to access its hidden services (a.k.a. In other words, information is stored on more than one node.In order to avoid this and protect our information, our identity and our connections we can use the widely downloaded software Free Net.

Using Freenet we can access anonymous resources across the internet, using a decentralized encrypted network or we can create our private network between friends to chat, share information and messages.

Yes, like Tor, it has its downsides, but in terms of privacy and existing within a small, close-knit online community, it’s one of the best. Besides, where else can you get a name like “am_moraphille”?

If you’re merely one of the curious types (especially someone who values privacy and anonymity), I’d say take a look.

It requires the Web of Trust in order to connect with other users, so make sure you load that before trying to use Sone.

In versions 0.6.5 and beyond, Sone features an FCP interface that allows other applications to access Sone.

Here we aim to bring you a list of all freesites, both old and new, which could be interesting to political nerds.