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Co down dating

UPDATE ONE: It appears that Tinder is coming slowly back online for users across the globe, following an earlier outage.The world's most popular dating appeared to hit trouble at around 10pm tonight, although those earlier issues now appear to be subsiding.

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Established in a Bloomsbury Bookshop in the early 1980’s in London, we provide bespoke personal introductions throughout London and the South East.But then I see a long-standing secret crush - I am excited and swipe him up for a date. Why would you want to tangle your world up into an even tighter ball of awkward connections? I see a man I was dating in the summer and I just want to know if he still fancies me, so I swipe down for sex. Over 75% of our clients approach us because our established matchmaking team have already found long term relationships for their friends and relatives.Drawing Down the Moon was awarded ‘Best Customer Service 2016’ and ‘Best Matchmaking Agency 2015’ at the UKDA, with matchmaker Andrea Messent personally awarded ‘Best Matchmaker 2017’ at the i Date awards, and senior matchmaker and date coach Abi Jude named Finalist for ‘Best Date Coach 2017’.Those who are invited to join Tinder Select can then nominate others - but those nominated singletons can’t suggest other users for memberships.

One Tinder Select user said the dating app is “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.”It’s unclear how Tinder decides who joins Tinder Select - but it’s believed to be based on the Tinder Elo score.

The app now boasts around 1.4 billion swipes and 26 million matches.

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The news of the outage comes as a VIP section of the app has been revealed.

Tinder Select is the invite only, VIP version of the dating app - used by super models, CEOs and celebrities.

Twitter is currently full of users complaining about the problems with one user saying: "Tinder is down..