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Complimenting women dating site

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It still makes me shake my headwhen I think about it.As it happens, I have lived in Southern California for a few years (San Diego and Los Angeles).

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B) We humans don't like to admit what's REALLYgoing on inside of us, because it can beirrational and illogical.He said, "Women don't dress up for men, theydress up for each other." I was stunned.I couldn't understand the logic behind this forthe life of me.If you put a group of attractive women togetherin a club or bar, and watch them carefully, you'llsee something interesting begin to happen, The women will start doing "catty" things, likelooking each other up and down with disgustedlooks, making negative comments to their friendsabout how other women look, and trying tointimidate other women with their eyes.Most men would never notice this subtlecommunication that's going on between women, butif you look for it, you'll find it.This is a place where beautiful womenfrom all over the world come to seek fame andfortune.

I have been able to see things and learn thingshere that would have taken much longer to learn if I had lived in other places, because I can see howattractive women interact with EACH OTHER moreoften.

Keep reading, because this gets interesting, COMPLIMENTS OR NO COMPLIMENTS? And we guys like to really "turn up" thecompliments when we LIKE a woman, But here's the question: Do compliments create ATTRACTION when you firstmeet a woman? I have a word for guys who like to give womenlots of compliments when they first meet her. Recently, I got an email from a woman aboutthis very topic that I thought would be theperfect way to introduce this and explain WHYcompliments are not the way to build attraction, ***QUESTION FROM A READER***I agree that your "funny/cocky" routine works verywell and women are attracted to it.

To compliment or not to compliment, that isthe question. Yet, I have todisagree with you on one aspect, women LOVE to becomplimented. Why else, but toget men's attention and be complimented, do theyspend hours getting ready, and buy all that sexyclothing?

If anything, I beginteasing and making fun of her looks as soon aspossible, if she's REALLY hot-looking.

And I nevergive the compliment in a way that says, "I'mintimidated because you're obviously very powerfuland desirable." NOTE: If you want to learn how to master theart of "busting" on women and using teasing andcocky humor to create ATTRACTION, then you shouldgo here and check THIS out (make sure you watchthe videos):, next time WOMEN SPEND ALL OF THEIR TIME AND ENERGY GETTINGREADY, FIXING THEMSELVES UP, AND DRESSING SEXY TOGET COMPLIMENTS About 4 or 5 years ago when I was firstlearning about how to be successful with women, agood friend of mine said something that totallyshocked me.

Finally, point #3, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COMPLIMENTING A GIRL YOUDON'T KNOW VERY WELL AND A "SPECIAL" GIRL My topic is women and dating. It's not "women you're in a relationship with"or "special girls" or anything of the sort.