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Consolidating loans affect credit score

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In turn you would pay off the lump sum likely at a much lower rate than say what your credit card company is offering.

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If, for instance, you only have a credit card with a limit of $10,000, and you’ve charged $9,500 to it, your credit utilization is a whopping 95% — signaling a red flag to a potential lender.In fact, you are entitled to one free report each year.While debt consolidation isn’t the same as declaring bankruptcy, if potential lenders see a third party debt consolidation company as a new creditor, they could see it along the same lines – you weren’t able to pay off your debt on your own, thus you’re a risky loan candidate.If you’re struggling to make the minimum payments on your debt, missing due dates and not making any substantial headway in the process, you’re credit score likely already mirrors your situation.After all, these three numbers are supposed to be the quickest snapshot of your financial health and ability to repay creditors.Check your rate using Ready For Zero's free debt consolidation tool.

People have saved thousands by consolidating higher-interest debts using a single, personal loan, this will not negatively impact your credit.

If handled correctly, debt consolidation can bring financial freedom by relieving the weight of overwhelming debt, but debt consolidation can also affect your credit score.

Debt consolidation programs usually consist of a loan to pay off the sum of your other debts.

It does not forgive your debt or even reduce it, but it does help you manage your debt by rolling it all into one monthly payment.

This new loan typically carries a lower interest rate than that of your other debts.

Taking out a debt consolidation loan can affect your credit score.