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After Nick’s departure from Queens Of The Stone Age, he made Mondo Generator his primary focus.

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I don’t remember exactly how old…maybe 11 or so.” Mike Pygmie: “I wanted to play music for as long as I can remember., featured the all-star roster of Josh Homme (Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age), Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and tons of desert bands), Rob Oswald (Karma To Burn, Nebula), and Brent Malkus.Riding on the cult status of on Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings and Josh Homme’s Rekords Rekords.We played as Uncontrollable for about a year and chemistry between us was great, so when the next Mondo Generator tour was booked, they asked me to stay on as their drummer!” CVW: Nick, can you tell me about playing with The Dwarves and how that came about?Then I got an email from Nick asking if I could jam the next day and he sent me a list of about 20 songs. ’ And I was like, ‘yeah’ and he goes, ‘dude you’re in we already all discussed it.’ And I was like, ‘cool, nobody told me’ and that was it.” JB: “Nick released a solo album a few years ago on which he played all instruments and called the project Uncontrollable.

Apparently I was in the band, but I thought it was an audition, so after we jammed Nick was telling me his plans for Mondo Generator and I asked if I should come back. When he put together a band to play live shows, I was asked to play.

Me and Josh built that band name and he asked me early on if I wanted to be a signer or get paid weekly. I believe in this band, I believe in this music, I believe we’re going to be something, and I believe that we are going to get signed to some label.’ I could have taken my $350 a week and called it a day, but I figured I’d take a penny now for a dime or quarter later. so that kinda started the whole Mondo Generator thing.” CVW: Mike and Jeff, can you tell me about how you came to join Mondo Generator?

MP: “I met Nick a few times over the years, but it wasn’t until right after the record was recorded about 6 years ago that I joined the band.

So I moved back to the desert and started playing with them, so in a sense a founding member of QOTSA. I didn’t have one anymore and not many people do have it. We started out because it was a good band and we wanted to play for people.

At least in a sense that we built that band together. ” CVW: When did you form Mondo Generator and what brought you to this decision? Our first 45, there were 100 printed, it was The Jack Saints/Mondo Generator split 45. We sent our cassettes out to get signed, but nothing really happened with it. Greg Anderson from Goatsnake and the label Southern Lord Records came to me and wanted to put it out…

They have toured relentlessly since their 2nd album with numerous amazing musicians.