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Dating in the dark wallpaper

Sure, modern iterations of the form have attempted to bring wallpaper back into fashion.

I wouldn’t know a manicure from hole in the ground. Only then should a forty-something woman consider filling out a dating profile.Never has it been a better time to date, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.Some are in near-perfect condition, others are fragments of the magnificent wall adornments they once were.Whether the bits of ephemera have been plucked from scrapbooks, borders, bandboxes, fire-boards or scenic panels, they make up a unique archive that just wants to do one thing: build a wallpaper history.Wallpaper, once the favorite daughter of interior design, is now more like the ugly stepchild.

The late 20th century took a toll on the decorating medium that has roots in the early 1700s, bringing far too much paisley and visions of mustard yellow to the dens and foyers of homes past.

If glow in the dark wallpaper catches on, it could pave the way for other devices around the home - including light-emitting curtains, colour changing clothes and even luminous pet accessories.

It's the latest use for "organic light emitting diodes or OLEDs" - the technology that is expected to revolutionise flat screen televisions, computer monitors and mobile phone screens in the next few years.

Historic New England brings wallpaper into the 21st century, as much as it can.

“The [digital] collection is searchable by date, location, and manufacturer, and by keywords like color and type of pattern," cataloguer Peggy Wishart explained in a press statement.

And because they exist as a thin layer of film, they can be rolled up, bent or fixed to a wall.