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Dating levinson blade guitars

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Blade Guitars was founded by Gary Levinson back in the mid 1980s. Levinson was repairing guitars, studying problems people frequently had, and ultimately built the criteria that would later guide his line of guitars to the product available today.Levinson also happened to pick possibly one of the coolest names for his guitar company. Would you rather tell your friends you’re plucking around on a First Act?

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You'd probably have to remove the neck to find a serial number or manufacturers stamp.I originally went to go for a Mexican Strat as a 2nd guitar to my Gibson Les Paul Standard, but dspite all the good reports and reviews I wasn't impressed, the necks were not nice to play.The guy in the shop suggested and American one, but these were out of my price range, and so he suggested I try a 2nd hand Levinson Blade, which was a much nicer guitar, far superior neck, and sounded much better, so I bought it.I wasn’t going to say anything, but since the neck has already been brought up I should mention they’ve tapered the whole neck joint to accommodate the curved shape of the palm to help with higher fret access.Speaking of the Flacon tremolo, here we have a seemingly innocent and innocuous tremolo not unlike those found on a Strat. The patented double block system that allows the bridge to rest flat on the body while still permitting you to bend upward.Supporting the pickups is the Variable Spectrum Control (or VSC-3) that lets you, the guitarist, tweak and store tonal presets that let you shape your tone with more versatility.

Should you be more of a purist the VSC-3 has a passive bypass giving you the vintage tone the RH-4 was designed to deliver.

It seems like the pickguard, pickups and electronics have been changed.

Also, and this is the big question, the body does not have the cavityfor the electronics on the back.

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