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Dating non committal man

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I believe he's being genuine, and I want to make it work – but I’m not sure I can stomach this any longer since I at least want to know that the time I’m investing is counting towards a future with him and not towards a dead end.

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"He has a tough time committing to any plan that's even a few days or a week out," says House.Don’t reward nonchalance and aloof behavior with your attention.You deserve to be treated with the utmost affection, and it is up to us women to set the bar higher for ourselves in terms of what we are willing to tolerate.Ideally, I think a job you love is one where you don't watch the hours go by.A way to tell your passion is to ask yourself, 'what keeps you up late at night and what gets you out of bed in the morning' the answer to that question is more than likely where your passion lies.That undefined zone whereby you’re not sure where you two stand.

Are you more than friends, but not quite boyfriend-girlfriend?

He tells you he wants a future, but only while on a high.

If you've heard this exclusively when he's drunk—whether from booze or accomplishments—it doesn't count.

He just [insert Z reason, such as started a new job] a few months ago, so he needs some time.

While he says this may change, for now, he’s unable to commit.

"The guy who won't commit seems to forget to spend time with you during the majority of the party," says House. He always wants to something, not focus his attention on you.