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Dating philosophy

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Personally, I doubt it."Oliver looked her over again.

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A/N: Just a humorous little one shot that's been in my head for a few weeks.She had a quick mind, and she tended to say whatever was on it. I'd like to think we're friends."She smiled at him. I'll see you on Monday."Oliver kept his eyes on her until she was out of sight.He supposed she was right and they weren't exactly friends." Felicity picked up her bag and looked at Oliver, head tilted slightly."It's just that you've never really expressed an interest in my personal life before."He had to hand it to her – she had a knack for throwing him off balance.Though she'd looked beautiful the other night, he realized he preferred her more casual appearance because it seemed to suit her."I stopped at a café on my way here.

I got you some tea." He nodded to the travel thermos on the desk.

The v-neck of the dress exposed more of her assets than he was used to seeing, and he directed his eyes back up before his thoughts could wander any further down that inappropriate path."Nice dress," he finally said. This is a setup and before you ask, no – setups are not usually something I go for because disappointment abounds nine times out of ten.

But my friend Lindsay says I'm suffering a sexual dry spell that rivals the Atacama Desert, and…

IT girl isn't really a look that reels them in – and showing a little skin has the advantage of distraction when I get nervous and start rambling down conversational roads best not traveled."He leaned against the desk and watched her for a moment. ""If by checked him out you mean I hacked his Facebook page, email account, bank records, and criminal history then yes," she said.

"If Dexter taught me anything, it's that even serial killers can hide behind nice guy images.

I guess you really didn't need to know that," she finished, looking a little embarrassed."So your friend arranged a hookup for you? He definitely wouldn't have pegged her for that sort of thing, and he found the idea a little concerning."You really need to pick up an urban dictionary that covers the last five years," Felicity replied, rolling her eyes.