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If he gets a big promotion, the world seems bright and possibilities are endless.

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It's hard to change and then stick to it but this book make sense. I'm a power house in the board room and Patience is NOT one of my virtues but this book is helping me work on it.If you make an ultimatum, make good on it for yourself.It does hurt — but sometimes it has to hurt a little so you can gain a lot." —Jordan Carlos Twitter account for updates, or email [email protected] "Cocktails With Cosmo" in the subject line, and we'll reach out to you about the next event (most likely held in the NYC area).Similarly 'Don't Answer Texts or Anything after Midnight' the door, a call from God. If you're still awake after midnight you're doing being a woman wrong, you should be getting your beauty sleep in full bed jacket and unattractive face cream.You've got an early start in the morning applying full make-up and styling hair before the postman appears.His Facebook wall of course, not his actual wall, otherwise your relationship is doomed from the start as he witnesses you dragged away by the police, Sharpie in hand. Or have fiery feminist politics, then he'll surely run for the hills.

If he's a nice boy it is unlikely he'll be at home obsessively counting the number of likes you've added to his comments. Much like the rules regarding texting, perhaps go for the old Windows Messenger fail-safe 'asl? That's brief isn't it and not at all making you sound like a sexual deviant. To be honest I think the writers were struggling at this point and it all gets a bit repetitive, summarised by; (Let me just take a moment to arrggghhhh!!!! Obviously don't text him, tweet him or talk to him. If you keep quiet he will appreciate you for the obedient little woman you are, if he's a spanner.

Unfortunately I fear the writers ave long been lost in an antiquated land of chaperones and courting.

If you break up, answer is obviously to un-friend him, nothing says I'm so completely not bothered, better than you and a paragon of female power, than not being Facebook friends anymore. Go outside and meet someone else, don't read dating manuals is the only rule you need.

That's not my ideal, and hopefully when you figure out what you want, I'll still be here, but we can't know that.

All I know is I think you should explore what it is you want.' It did three things: asserted a standard, showed kindness, and introduced the fear that she may not be there.

It's extraordinarily rare that a woman actually makes our job easier. If you continue the conversation, you'll never know if he's actually attracted or just going with the flow. I'm not saying it's an excuse, but sometimes that is the case." —Jordan Carlos"Being good at writing an online profile only means that you're good at writing an online profile. A lot of great people suck at writing online-dating profiles and taking pictures. So date everyone." —Emma Tessler"Go someplace you feel comfortable. I would always go stake out a spot and get there early.