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"The conclusion that we drew was that during these turbulent periods people have a greater desire to seek the security and companionship of a relationship.We've seen a similar pattern of increased subscription since November 8, 2016," he said.

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"​​People feel so strongly and as a result, their ideologies might be hard to contain. Nick Jonas has always been good, but just accept this as a positive and you can introduce him to some A Little Bit Longer deep cuts later in the relationship.9 Tips for Dating a Cougar What Your Orange Is the New Black Crush Says About You Top Halloween Date Ideas 4 Signs You’re Ready for a Physical Relationship 10 Movies to Make Your First Dating Unforgettable Lesbians and the Fine Art of Flirting Dating over 40: Join Online Dating How to Write an Online Dating Profile Letting You Shine in Your Online Profile Les Writes!Related: Maple Match Dating Site Hooks up Trump-Hating Singles with Canadians "It seems likely to us that a greater sense of unpredictability around the country is again driving a greater need for the emotional connection people find in a loving relationship," Langston told NBC News.The disparity in activity between CMB and e Harmony probably has a great deal to do with their respective business models and the types of users it targets.Once you know you’re serious about a guy (I’m assuming you’re a straight woman between the ages of 22 and 28 because you are), be up front and just say “I’ve seen the Jonas Brothers in concert 27 times.” If he leaves immediately, it wasn’t meant to be. On the off chance he sticks around, he’s going to have some questions.

Dating while being a person who has seen the Jonas Brother in concert 27 times is challenging enough, so definitely never admit you made your mom drive you to Bristol, Connecticut to see the Jonas Brothers’ recreational softball team the Road Dogs.

That said, misery loves company and comfort is found in like-minded people — so there lies potential for romance." If you are up for dating and feel strongly that your partner's politics must match yours, perhaps the best thing you can do is to make your stance abundantly clear on your dating profiles.

But you may want to brace yourself for some ugly backlash — especially if you're a liberal in a red state.

When you feel helpless, and you think someone can do right by you, it's natural to use them as a resource." Coffee Meets Bagel's survey showed that Democrats are feeling more affected by politics and are less open to date a Republican than vice versa. It could be because frankly, Democrats are traumatized by President Donald Trump.

"The Trump victory has had a profound impact on many of my patients," said Jonathan Alpert, psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author.

"e Harmony does tend to get people who favor religion, and when there's discord, religion serves a purpose for many looking to heal," said April Masini, relationship expert and advice columnist.