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Dating sites in st catharines area

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Having already had two failed marriages, on the advice of a friend she decided to give online dating a try.“I’m a dreamer at heart and hadn’t given up on finding a soulmate,” says Selena.

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“He told me he was a retired dentist travelling to the United Kingdom to finalize a sales contract in Iran for a new business he was setting up, supplying dental equipment to clinics across Canada. He wanted me to pay $49,000 for the package of equipment to clear customs.“I was excited.” But last spring, she found out the hard way that not everyone on Internet dating sites is looking for love.(We’ve changed names to protect privacy.) In fact, her dating site hooked her up with someone who was only looking to scam her out of her life savings—and, sadly, he succeeded.Indeed, although there are plenty of Canadians flying solo after 50, determining who is and isn’t available can be an awkward process.After all, not everybody has other senior singles in their work or friendship circles and meeting someone socially can be tricky at best (it's not always easy to surreptitiously check for a wedding ring! Yet there is one place where you can reliably find others who are interested in mature dating – and that's the internet.Psychologist and Relationships Coach Sam Owen sums up the senior dating situation thusly: ‘'You are far from alone: being single in your 50s is increasingly common – so don’t beat yourself up about it or feel despondent.

That said, while it is one thing to know that there are other ‘silver singles’ out there, finding them is quite another!

Now, there is no future, and the money’s gone, too.” After the second wire transfer to Maurice for another $40,000 ($15,000 of which was an advance on her credit card), and more conversations with her bank and eventually the police, reality set in.

“I had almost emptied both my RRSP and Life Income Fund (LIF) and had taken on debt,” says Selena.

When I got a call from a so-called ‘courier company’ I foolishly believed it, but it was just a trap.” Maurice told Selena that he would buy a house in Edmonton for the two of them once his business was up and running.

“He said giving him the money to clear customs was an investment in our future.

We take your relationship preferences, personality and ideal location in Canada into account – meaning that finding companionship is easier with us.