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Dating someone and in love with someone else

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Don’t make a rash decision about inclusion or exclusion from your life.If you’ll allow yourself time and exposure to other people, everything will eventually be put in the needed prospective for you to make a solid informed choice for your highest good.

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If you like or are attracted to someone, trust that.Life transforms through cycles and every relationship has them.You won’t ever be in a relationship with someone you like all of the time.Your love, your compassion, your integrity, your truth, and your honesty.If you will cultivate those five thing’s you will attract and promote them in others.Unless, of course, you like all of the time; and, if that’s the case, I’m certain you don’t need relationship advice.

So, please disregard the following: the way through an enduring relationship is to always choose your own goodness.

Commitment is cultivated in your relationship to , not in a relationship to a partner.

Those who are ready to commit to a monogamous relationship, do. So it’s best to allow you and your companion the opportunity to be completely honest without emotional consequences.

Allow the relationship to move at a pace that makes you comfortable.

What that looks like: when you learn something about someone that doesn’t make you comfortable, take some time on your own to process what and why that is.

It’s common for a person who’s been hurt before to easily attach to a partner in a dating relationship. If you’re in an emotional space where it’s difficult for you to date someone who is dating others, that’s okay. A wise friend said to me when posed with the question, “Why is it dating can be so difficult? Many people aren’t self-governed, they rely on the boundaries set for them.