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Even with careful preening, the feathers get frazzled and crimped from the wear and tear of ordinary activity. But since no scientific experiments use parrots as their subjects, I have had to use my personal observations and to reach out for information to birds that have been studied.

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Once the process has started, the clock cannot be reset until a period of short, winter days, have passed.What causes birds to molt has intrigued scientists for years.Parrots have the same molt mechanisms that all birds share.It may surprise you that deep inside your parrot there is a clock. It is called their diurnal, circadian or photoperiodic clock and it keeps track of the hours of the day.It is also a calendar (circannual) clock, in that it keeps very accurate track of the month of the year. It informs the bird when it is the right time to breed, the best time to change feathers (molt), and, in some bird species other than parrots, the best time to fly south for the winter (no, birds don’t fly South like Daffy because they are cold). But to remain accurate over time, it hands need to be fine-tuned from clues obtained from the environment around it.The difference was the light the two different groups received.

My house pets had lights on until the family went to bed.

It is a very complex process that has been difficult to sort out and fully understand.

Some birds live in harsh climates or depend on food sources that are only available periodically.

The central shaft of the feather is composed of a hollow base - called the quill or calamus and the remaining portion of the shaft called the rachis.

The feathery sides or vane are composed of individual barbs, which are, themselves, covered with smaller barbules that keep them “zippered” together. That means that when one or two feathers are lost and replaced on one wing, the same feathers are lost and replaced on the other.

These birds have evolved to have their molts at exactly to the right season - when food is plentiful, their babies have flown away and the weather is mild.