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Datingandhra com

So to encourage them to take this step, we provide them with travel fare to attend the seminars held in different states,” says Natubhai.Tara, 52 years of age, was living in Bhuj with her mother and younger son.

“We support people who want to live with each other without getting married too,” he says.I think everybody needs a partner, especially after the age of 50 or 60.We need someone talk to, share our stories with, and care for.That’s because a woman looking for a spouse at the age of 50 or above has to deal with a lot social stigma.I want more women to break stereotypes and start the second innings of their life with a new companion.Natubhai Patel believes that love can come to anyone, regardless of age, and senior citizens should get married, despite social taboos, if they want.

This is how he is helping people above the age of 50 find companions.oneliness is a slow poison.

Her older son approached Natubhai and was able to find a match for his mother. Another man came to Natubhai seeking a match for his father-in-law.

“I feel glad that one new member who enters a family because of us makes such a large difference.

VMAS registers people who are looking for partners.

The bureau ensures that prospective brides and grooms produce required documents like divorce certificates, spouses’ death certificates, biodatas, etc.

The sexagenarian has a team of four people who work with him as volunteers.