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He led her to a random speakeasy that boasted about two patrons and a very-bored looking hostess, who told them to go ahead and pick a table.

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He claimed to have made one, but, when Kate arrived, she saw him standing outside, looking perplexed.Kate ordered a white wine, her date ordered a whiskey on the rocks.She was hoping that the stiff drink would somewhat calm his nerves and help him relax, but the shaking progressively got worse.” It was clear that she was pining for a serendipitous twist of fate, which made it even more exciting when she called me a few weeks ago to inform me that she had met a cute guy at her local supermarket. They chatted for a few minutes as the guy, who we will call JC (for John Cusack, obviously) explained that he had initially noticed her while passing by the supermarket window.Apparently, the vision of her picking out apples had been so mesmerizing that he had asked his friend to wait outside while he went into the store to test out fate.Despite her protests, he insisted on walking her home, choosing a strange route that led them to 7 Avenue and back to the supermarket where he had first unveiled his Master Plan on her. “Look, this is where I first saw you,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss her. She has been far more excited about those pragmatic (and pre-screened) dating apps!

Shocked, Kate backtracked, almost bashing her head through the window of their sacred meeting spot.

It turned out that they were hosting a private party that evening.

“Don’t worry, I Yelped another spot,” JC told her, making him the first person she knew to use Yelp in his own city.

She tried asking questions, making small talk, but the fact that he was hijacking her personal space while twitching uncontrollably made it very difficult to have a normal conversation. ” Kate felt her serendipity bubble slowly deflating. Honestly, it never fails.” So much for a story to tell the kids.

In the midst of all this awkwardness, he asked her if she would mind taking a selfie with him.“You’re very pretty. As if this wasn’t enough, he then proceeded to recount all the individual scenarios in which he had effectively maneuvered girls into giving him their numbers by cornering them in public places.

Despite having spent twelve years in New York City, no handsome stranger had ever swept her off her feet in the midst of a mundane Tuesday, a fact that she would bitterly mention while manifesting her disdain for the modern dating culture. ” Apparently, Kate had been enjoying some post-Pilates food shopping while rocking out to Drake at her local Westside Market, when somebody had grabbed her by the arm.