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First, let me thank you so much for the beautiful poem. The question is, "how much do we really care, about each other?" My son when not in Iraq or East Africa felt only at home helping others.

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But I know that you are in the hands of our Heavenly Father.. I came across your site and beautiful poems because I am having a low day where I just cry. My son Steven passed away at age 30, on July 2nd 2013 life was not worth living.I have gone to psychiatrists therapists hypnotherapists I have put me on different medications because nothing ever works do not sleep unless they give me sleep medication but every day I wake up I cannot bear to see the day And then I cannot bear to go to sleep because I have to look forward to another day in this lifetime where I wish I did not have to be!Our precious son took his own life on 27th Feb 2012 he left behind 3 beautiful children.Thinking of all the people here who have lost a loved one i pray you all have a peaceful xmas I lost my only son his name is josh on 9-11-16 he was 25 born 10-20-90 he was my best freind the pain is so deep is only us that understand the grief people seem to think that there all in better places now I argue thus whenever someone says this to me i cry every day whenever I have the slightest memory of my boy I am so sorry for the losses we all share it's just not fare not the way it's suppose to be love my son josh and all other young children who left this world to soon It chilled me to read these recent comments. I'll never see his smile, hear his voice, share talks, laughs, hugs, i love you's or anything EVER AGAIN! We just celebrated his birthday which was September 28, he would have been 29. Beautiful healthy baby girl that looked just like her daddy with a big brother that adored her at only 3 years old was a daddys girl . I had him when I was 16 ,scared to death .never changed a diaper ,fed a baby or anything so he was a work in progress but boy did I fall in love deeper than I ever felt possible. A Beautiful Gentle Soul Your Beautiful & Gentle Soul has left us, Now embraced by Our Heavenly Father Above.He was a perfect child a;;so ,po;ite ,sweet loving ,gentle straight a student then he turned 17 , of course by then I WAS THE CRAZY MOM . When I am asleep, for just a minute before I wake up, I forget Michael's gone and everything is ok. I miss him more every day as time takes me further away from him... You are the Most Precious gift He gave me, My Son, My Sweet Angel to Love.I can only remember my time at the loss of Matthew and know that one day, I will smile again.xxxxxxxxxxx I lost my beautiful 28 year old son in July that took him and his friend and another couple in the other car..... I just miss him so much and believ as you do that this pain can not be healed that we just to learn to live whilst carrying it with us. We do not 'get over grief' we just learn to adjust and live through it. How could a loving God take my son from his children and let this awful criminal live. I hope you can focus everything you have learned throughout this horrible tragedy on helping others. Your poem is beautiful but as you write your poems so have I written so many things and nothing Makes my feelings change in anyway!

Thank you for sharing xxxx I loss my eldest, my beloved handsome boy two years ago. I am still in grief and could feel and understand all moms feeling. I know how much the pain of it all can hurt and consume a person and it has taken over my whole entire being and I do not know how people Can deal with it I will no longer ever have grandchildren I have no legacy left after I am gone that is it I have nothing to look forward to and actually I really don't care my son was gone that was the end of me he was the only one in my life who knew everything about Me and made me love who I was at the same time.

One day after returning from his 3rd tour of Iraq he spent his leave time and more in Pass Christian, MS helping Katrina families. He was an awesome husband, father, son, brother, uncle, nephew.

When home at Christmas he spent hours every night giving out blankets and clothing to the homeless on the streets of Tampa. Matthew Wayne Walker Died: December 11, 2014Age: 37 years old Cause of death: Heart Attack Servived by his wife: Margaret Walker Mother: Elaine Walker Father: Dennis Walker Faith: Catholic We miss you my son! He was a friend of so many and touched many people lives.

A dark cloud descended Over my world that day For the loss of my child There are no words I can say. They say time heals all wounds I really don’t think that is true I just have to learn to live With the pain of losing you.

I long to see your face To see you walk into the room I long to hear your voice Saying Mum I love you too I know this will never be I know this for a fact But that doesn’t stop the longing The longing to have you back I can’t deal with the pain inside I feel emotionally shutdown From the pain that I try to hide. I have asked myself many times Will it always hurt this way? So on this sad day my son I want to say to you How very much I love you And miss you so much too I loss my only son on 5/11/16 he was 22-yr-old to lung disease, that day I received the ultimate heart break, sometimes I feel like I cant go on without him, he was my life-line, I don't like talking in person to others about my feelings because I am tired of hearing "oh" things will get better or just be strong, sometimes I feel I don't want to be here anymore and other times I feel I am able to cope, I just miss him and wish he was still here with me The time is coming for your angel anniversary son...

He suffered pain and illness for months leading up to his passing. On May 17 2015 My son Patrick "Tommy" died in Iraq.