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Estonian webcam

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Now, the most interesting action is with the eagles.You can watch this stream even when the birds are not there – the view on the tops of pines and the faraway horizon is so stunning that you can print it on a postcard.

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The construction has been gradually improved and empowered, which led to the creation of the city of Narva (name of the river, near which the castle was built).It is impossible to stop: boars chomping carrots are no less fascinating than a Hollywood blockbuster. They run away at the slightest rustle, unhearable to us. I immediately remembered my school cafeteria: a mob of hungry pupils, constant noise and quarrels.You never know who will come to the feeder: these are mostly tomtits. Also, a greenfinch constantly “visits” the feeder – it eats, and eats, and eats without hurrying anywhere.Then we decided to sit in our garden with some coffee, and in the garden he saw a hedgehog.In his 10-second run across the path, the hedgehog impressed my friend even more than my talent as a guide. I already mentioned hedgehogs, which walk everywhere in Tartu except for the Town Hall Square.I think that if he decided to write a review about his trip to Tartu, he would start from the story about the hedgehog. If you want to look at Estonian animals, it’s not necessary to go to Estonia.

During my 5.5 years living in Tartu I saw more wild animals than in the rest of my life combined. This winter I found a substitute for soap operas – web cameras.

These are live photos from weather cameras broadcasting 24 hours a day. Click on the pictures to go to the source websites, there you will get a bigger image or live video.

I showed him the city and brought him to my most beloved cafes.

site – the Hermann Tower (jokingly called the Long Hermann).

Numerous reconstructions have been undertaken during its existence, despite the constant owner swapping – after the Order, it was taken by Russians and then Swedes, who, under the supervision of the legendary engineer Erik Dahlbergh, have substantially increased the fortification’s and castle’s territory.

Not surprisingly, the “Friendship Bridge” was built between them, right across the border, with the intention to connect Russia with Estonia in particular, and Russia with Europe in general.