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Eva gabor dating merv griffin

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"Jolie was the world's best salesman," says Mitzi Mayer, who kept the books for her then and now, and has been Magda’s friend and business manager for a quarter century."Mamie Eisenhower was a customer and Governor Pat Brown.

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The day before Merv Griffin’s funeral, the Hollywood Reporter, one of the industry “bibles” read by everyone in showbiz, ran a front-page story by regular writer Ray Richmond that began, “Merv Griffin was gay.” Richmond, who had worked for Griffin in the 1980s, went on to note that “Merv’s secret gay life was widely known throughout showbiz culture, if not the wider America.” Richmond made clear why he thought it important to set the record, um, straight about Griffin’s sexuality: He certainly didn’t owe us an explanation, but maybe he owed it to himself to remove the suffocating veil he’d been forced to hide behind throughout his adult life.But when it comes to celebrity gossip, “The standards are different,” said Jerry Nachman, then editor of the New York Post.The Gabors are to Palm Springs what fancy desserts are to a good meal: We could get by without them but they do add such a luscious finishing touch.That’s what free speech is about.” Reuters, however, which had run the story when THR first posted it, took it down and did not put it back.Reuters explained: “This was a story from The Hollywood Reporter that ran as part of a Reuters news feed.While it would seem everything has changed today, little actually has.

You can count on the fingers of one hand, or at most two, the number of high-powered stars, executives and public figures who have come out.

Quite a way, to be sure, but at least for many power-wielders, things are much the same.

Hollywood, like its East Coast counterpart in image manipulation, Washington, D.

The reaction to Richmond’s article was swift and effective.

Recently appointed editor Elizabeth Guider, a Variety veteran who had taken over The Hollywood Reporter less than a month before, seemingly caved in under pressure from her corporate bosses at Nielsen Business Media or from one of Griffin’s companies, which threatened legal action (although, of course, there was no legal basis for such a threat).

We have dropped the story from our entertainment news feed, as it did not meet our standards for news.” Officials of the news service did not explain, however, why the article seemed to meet their standards when they originally ran it (Yahoo News, which picked up the Reuters story, kept it up even after Reuters took it down).