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Eva marcille talks about lance gross dating tyler perry

Meanwhile, Ella must keep Janine's secret to herself, but not telling anyone about Janine being pregnancy is harder than she thought.

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2 April 2008When $50,000 is found in CJ's truck, a moral dilemma about what to do with the cash begins tearing the Paynes apart.Meanwhile, Malik continues to win over his new crush, Taylor. has to deal with an all too grateful woman after saving her life - much to the amusement of his fellow firefighters.12 December 2007Curtis' womanizing friend Jimmy, who sponges off women, charms Claretha. 2 January 2008Jazmine reveals her fear of visiting the dentist when she develops a painful toothache.The secret also sparks an argument among all the younger couples. 12 December 2007Curtis and his team continue to strategize the best way in order to rescue C.J., who remains trapped in the burning house unconscious.J., who are both firefighters, are called away to a house fire. accepts Curtis and Ella's money offer, but when he uses the money to put Janine in rehab she checks herself out, causing C. to lose the money and find a way to break the news to Curtis.

After they return, however, they bring with them the news that the house that was on fire belonged to C. moves his family into the basement of Curtis and Ella's house, a situation about which nobody is very happy. Meanwhile, Calvin shows off Curtis and Ella's house as his own to impress a girl.

Malik struggles with the possibility of losing his best friend.

Meanwhile, Calvin scores a job at a most unusual place, and Curtis is instantly the happiest man on the planet.

Meanwhile, Bart's obnoxious nephew hangs out at the firehouse and challenges Malik to a firefighter battle 16 April 2008Janine, CJ and their respective dates attend a party, but revelations about Janine's pregnancy cause complications.

Elsewhere, when the TV fades out, Curtis connects with the cable guy 19 March 2008Ella heads to the hospital after a lump is found in her breast.

After going on another bad date, Calvin starts a website called "She's A Whack" dot com only for it to backfire on him. Meanwhile, Janine tries to reconnect with the Paynes 19 September 2007When an old friend of C. In the meantime, the Payne children push to get a pooch 26 September 2007Curtis surprises the family with a new motorcycle, but his new bike causes more trouble than any one family could ever imagine. and Nicole's relationship is seriously tested when Nicole's jealousy gets out of hand, but that's the least of C. Curtis filled charges against Malik, who faces time in prison for stealing and wrecking Curtis' motorcycle. thinks they he may have found the perfect new apartment for he and the kids, but he soon learns that his dream home is too good to be true. When he learns that Ella decided to cancel their holiday vacation to help celebrate C. and the kids spending Christmas without Janine, Curtis throws a Scrooge-like tantrum. The Payne family ties are once again tested when Malik becomes embarrassed by Janine's arrival as he wants to avoid being taunted by his classmates because of his troubled mother. With Blue back in her life, the family must find a way to fix Janine's past.