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Fat people dating show

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Instead, FOX went out and found perhaps the twenty women in America who are least comfortably trapped inside their own excess skin.

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[I don’t think you can never criticize a movement of oppressed people if you don’t have the oppressed characteristic, but you better go into it knowing that you’ll probably get something wrong, and people are going to point it out.And hey, she’s wrong in an interesting way, at least, not just “fat people are gross!And the truth is, it is every bit as condescending, offensive, and exploitative as I expected it would be.) Now, granted, I dated very few people before getting married, and I wasn’t really (probably still am not) fat enough to get into fetishistic territory, but… Anyway, the amateur-psychologizing in the second paragraph seems off to me (and, again, condescending). What does Lindsey think “tackling it” would look like?The times I’ve gotten uncomfortable with fetishizing language (not directed at me personally, directed into the airwaves/ether/whatever), it’s because it treated anyone from the category I was in (fat ladies, white ladies, teenage girls when I was younger) as interchangeable non-individuals–the category was all. I think she’s also leaving out mockery of the non-normative for thinking they could possibly be attractive to normative people, in its cruelest form acted out as an insincere request for a date/other romantic thing–and by leaving this out, she’s focusing on the people who have non-normative attractions and not the non-normative people themselves.But the bigger issue is, she kind of goes into her issues with being in relationships with people who “struggle with their weight”, and it seems like she’s conflating “reason I don’t want to be in a relationship with this person” and “reason why fat people wanting to date skinny people is bad” and “reason why fat people wanting to promote fat/skinny pairings in media is bad”.

And here’s the condescending part: Like, yes, being objectified for your body sucks but I don’t really see the difference between someone being turned on by thin women and someone being turned on by fat women.

This is really what the sand in my vagina is all about when it comes to fat acceptance.

It’s like, normally there’ll be some like campaign to take a bunch of sexy pictures of heavy women, and I’ll have this weird guilt about not finding any of them attractive.

But the initial anger that the show elicited quickly turned into pity, not because I feel sorry for overweight people in general (to each their own), but because I felt sorry for these particular overweight individuals, not because of the obesity, but because of the neuroses that underlies it.

I had hoped, I guess, that FOX would aim, at the very least, to find self-confident women who were comfortable with their weight, and who could -- in some small way, I suppose -- provide a modicum of inspiration for other people who have psychological issues surrounding their own body sizes.

Worth noting here, people who “struggle with their weight” are not accepting their weight.