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She was the porn star who became an MP, the force of nature whose scandalous career broke every taboo and who helped shape modern Italy.

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Il film tratta anche del rapporto con il suo ex marito Jeff Koons, artista d'avanguardia americano che la volle come moglie e musa.Infine non è consentito accedere al servizio tramite account multipli.Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM.Il loro matrimonio naufragò dopo appena due anni e mezzo e portò a una battaglia legale per l'affidamento del figlio. “Grazie anche a una approfondita ricerca sul materiale d’archivio, Cicciolina.L'arte dello scandalo racconta con passione e ironia il fenomeno Ilona Staller nelle sue molteplici sfaccettature, collocandolo nel contesto politico italiano del tempo”.Psychological researcher Brené Brown famously said that when we judge other people, it’s merely a reflection of ourselves.

Like when Nico sings: “I’ll be your mirror/Reflect what you are, in case you don’t know.” Jeff Koons is our mirror.

Whilst the rest of us are still navigating our way through the madonna/whore complex, you could say that Koon’s relationship with Cicciolina was a pretty big testament to his disbelief in the archaic oppositions.

Cicciolina was already killing it and breaking down stereotypes long before she met Koons anyway – she was already an elected politician and porn star before she became a wife and mother with Koons.

Art critic Jerry Saltz noted: “I remember that day, in front of the painting of Staller straddling and being penetrated by Koons, when I saw Jeff with legendary gallerist Leo Castelli and noted the look of horror and awe on the dealer’s face.

Koons looked at me and said, ‘Jerry, don’t you think that Ilona’s asshole is the center of the universe?

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