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Formview itemupdating newvalues empty

The | Grid View only reads data from the Activities table and does not appear to | affect this problem.All of the controls read from the tables with no problem | and switch modes with no problem, but when going into Update mode, changing | something and clicking the Update button, it does not save the information to | the tables. I would also think that the problem is page-specific, however I can't see any real difference in the page that works and the page that doesn't, except for the fact that the page that works only has one formview and that's it.

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(This posting is provided "AS IS", with no warranties, and confers no rights.) -------------------- | Thread-Topic: Form View Item Updated: New Values array not getting values on update | thread-index: Ac Xf J0CS2Rss I9h SQ/erw A1i4om Fx A== | X-WBNR-Posting-Host: | From: "=? The page | has, among other things, two Form Views and a Grid View control, each with its | own Sql Data Source.Hi,could anybody tell me what did I wrong and why the oldvalues and newvalues collections of Details View Update Event Args in Item Updating method are containing the same collection of values even if I change them on the page in Details View form ? However, Command Arguments come from database to linkbutton. Hello, the Details View will renders as a table ,and its layout is not flexible enough , this is why the Form View Exists, its the same as Details View , but it has a flexible Layout , so the Form View is the b...I assumed the new Values should be those I previously filled in into the textboxes before I catched the On Item Updating event :-(Any advise would be appreciated Hi,akosko: Would you plz post some relative code here for further discussing? Andwhen one of these command buttons is cliked it must go to proper page. How do the different data presentation controls equate in'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others. Old Values has all values of fields bound on template. That Form View is nearly identical to one on the page that | doesn't work; in fact, I copied and pasted the markup to keep the formatting | correct.

I've been over the page a bunch of times and I can't see anything | wrong jumping out at me. | | I will try to refactor to access from the Northwind database, and I'm going | to attempt to rebuild the page as well.

Form View1 talks to my Opportunity table and has an | Item Template and an Edit Item Template.

Form View2 talks to my Activities table | and has an Item Template, Insert Item Template and an Edit Item Template.

If so, I think the problem may caused by something incorrect in the Form View's aspx template.

Would you try comparing the problem page with the other page which works correctly to see whether there is any diference?

How can i get access to values of Old Value, New Values. There will be a image for CATEGORIES and linkbuttons with Subcategories. My problem is that all the Old Values for these one-way databound labels come up null, even though they have values. Details View Control, Validator Control Hello, I am trying to add a Required Field Validator Control to a template field in the Details View Control, here is the code: Calendar2. But i am not finding same function in detailsview.i could only see that the record are shown as a single list.