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Foto sex artis thailand main jilat pantat anak dara

Some parents don't mind, and kids are brought up in a way to feel they should pay somehow for being born. People aren't starving in the villages, but they're bored.'' Dr.

Sex is a business not easily trifled with here, and customers have to be pleased.''Thailand, like most of Asia, is just at the beginning of its AIDS epidemic.'' Speaking in response to questions, Dr.Mann allowed that vulnerability to AIDS is a function of behavior, and that wherever behavior is ''intense,'' with prostitution and multiple partners, ''you create increased risk.'' Dr.Given the pattern of the disease, half of them will be dead in 10 years, and many more will be infected.The epidemic is already raging among intravenous drug users, who spread AIDS by sharing needles. Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn, director of the Health Ministry's Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, said a study of 2,000 intravenous drug users at Bangkok clinics in January 1988 showed that 15 percent were infected with the virus.A second survey of another 2,000, six months later, showed an infection rate of 43 percent.

'Waiting for the Harvest' ''The bomb has already exploded in terms of IV drug users,'' said Dr.

Debhanom Muangman, dean of the School of Public Health at Mahidol University, said: ''Five years from now, people will be saying, 'Oh my God, how did this happen?

' '' Sex Is Big Business Last year, four million tourists visited Thailand, providing the country's biggest source of foreign exchange.

''This is not a Christian country,'' said a Thai official, who requested anonymity. Many people regard prostitution as a good way to put aside some money before going home and having a family.'' Discouraging 'Minor Wives' There has always been a tradition of ''minor,'' or secondary, wives in Thailand, said Mr.

Suvit, who is also head of the National Identity Office.

Every evening, young boys proffer themselves outside a hotel known for its ice cream.