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On the right side of the papyrus (above) animals perform various human tasks as musicians, soldiers, and artisans.

The above applies mainly to a certain class of Egyptian., the fragments above—called the “Turin Erotic Papyrus” because of their “discovery” in the Egyptian Museum of Turin, Italy—only hint at the frank versions of ancient sex they depict (see a graphic partial reconstruction at the bottom of the post—probably NSFW).The number of sexual positions the papyrus illustrates—twelve in all—“fall somewhere between impressively acrobatic and unnervingly ambitious,” one even involving a chariot.The authors show us the connection of sacred sexuality to Egyptian cosmic symbolism as well as demonstrate that every level of Egyptian society was imbued with sexual power.RUTH SCHUMANN ANTELME is an Egyptologist, an eneritus researcher of the CNRS in France, and a former professor at the Ecole du Louvre.Hieroglyphic explanations are offered (from a mundane point of view), clothing and hairstyles are explained, food and artistic cultures are discussed.

All of these are explored within sexuality and its expression through Egypt's creation/origination stories.

As archaeologist David O’Connor points out, the Turin Erotic Papyrus’ high “artistic merit” marks it as within the provenance of “an elite owner and audience.” You can find more detailed images from a different reconstruction of the erotic papyrus here.

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Sexual energy is a necessary part of awakening and enlightenment, and the ancient Egyptians were fully aware of this.

The practice, study and employment of sacred sex was a vital piece of their esoteric learning.

"Utilizing material sequestered away in museum and university archives and rarely seen, evidently because of its explicit sexuality, Ruth Schumann Antelme reveals an aspect of Egypt that many have suspected but no one to date has demonstrated: an intense and joyous eroticism that plays out in the human sphere but is intimately tied to a profound metaphysical and cosmological Egyptian understanding--sex as a sacrament." (John Anthony West, author of The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt)". A truly intriguing study." (The Midwest Book Review, January, 2002)“. Until recently the papyri, whose explicit illustrations of Egyptian sexual practices were judged too shocking, were off-limits to all but a few scholars.