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A friend suggested a really interesting possibility: What if that first twist was the entire season?What if the title was literal, and the goal was to figure out who prince charming was?

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There are odd single strands encircling the trees, like someone just wrapped lights around each one three times and stopped.The 21-year-old man, identified only as Ivan L, reportedly confessed to eating the gay man, identified as Roman E, in the city of Murmansk, in the extreme north-west of Russia.The English-language Russian news agency RIA Novosti quotes Murmansk Investigation Committee chief Fyodor Bludenov as saying: “The defendant wanted to try eating at least ten people in the future.” I’m at a loss for words at what a bad collection of words that is.Given the opportunity to make history with the first true same-sex dating show, producers Brian Graden Media decided to copy The Bachelor.(Str8Up Gay Porn has filed a counter-notice, and now Sepulveda has 10 days to sue for copyright infringement, which creates the odd situation where he would be forced to prove in court that he owns the copyright on photos he wants to be removed from the web site.) Most recently, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Robert threatened to sue “cyberbullies,” though the gay blog Towleroad points out that he was just being criticized and shamed for his past behavior, and “found no evidence that Mr.

Sepulveda’s attackers have put him in fear for his safety or caused him substantial emotional harm.” All of that legal drama is a lot more interesting than anything that happened on the series.

But even that came across like second-rate drunken Challenge nonsense. There may not be much of a budget here, but there’s also no creativity.

Most of the drama consists of guys tattling on each other, and Robert spends an odd amount of his one-on-one time with guys talking about other guys. This is a Logo show, not a top-rated network show like The Bachelor, so of course it won’t have the same budget to create an on-screen fantasy or trek around the world.

“At the end of the day,” he said in episode two, “that’s what counts: family and friends and love.” Zzzzz.

That plays into stereotypes (that gay men are promiscuous), sure, but it could have been handled well. The damage control was eventually handled by People.

It’s also taking the audience for granted, assuming that gay people will watch just because there are gay men in it, even if it is just a weak copy of a show that they already can watch.