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While we're arguably more in control of and confident about our sexuality than ever, there's still so much we don't know about female arousal.So this month, we're exploring everything you want and need to know about how women get turned on now. You don't have to be a lesbian (or even bi) to attend a girls-only sex party.

“Women like to have soft furnishing, champagne, cocktails, a theme, a party, you know? Ahead, I'll reveal a few of the things I learned at Skirt Club — and what to know if you'd like to attend an all-girls' sex party.Skirt Club provides a safe (and luxurious) setting, free from judgment, where you can remain as anonymous as possible while enjoying or exploring your sexuality. No matter where you fall on the Kinsey Scale, if you're a woman interested in sex with another woman, Skirt Club is for you (although there is a strict vetting process).Despite the user data, at my experience at Skirt Club, I found the women in attendance to be far more experienced than their submitted Kinsey Scale number suggested. Safer sex is important — even when no penetration is involved.After my date and I stepped out of our cab, we were greeted by a beautiful hostess who led us up to the penthouse. After a burlesque performance from Karina Libido and a comedic talk on women's liberation from Zoe Nightingale, a game of tequila body shots began.I'm not going to lie, being surrounded by 60 women or so, all there to get it on, was awkward at first. At other Skirt Club events, often "dare cards" are passed out as an icebreaker, encouraging members to get to know one another and help remove the awkwardness of attending an event decked out in costume with the goal of getting laid.Just like straight sex or sex between two men, lesbian sex is hot AF."Some common misconceptions I hear are that all sex between two women is probably sweet and soft and loving (not true!

We can go hard too)," Liz Powell, Psy D, an LGBTQ-friendly sex educator, coach, and licensed psychologist, told Refinery29 previously.

While touring the penthouse, I was pleased to notice an array of (flavored) dental dams elegantly laid out next to each bed or near a place where sex could take place.

A dental dam is a thin piece of latex used during oral sex for safer sex. While lesbians are at a lesser risk for STIs such as HIV, hepatitis, and gonorrhea, women who have sex with women are still at risk for STIs like HPV and genital herpes, which can be spread by giving or receiving oral sex.

There was also anonymous, "eat my pussy now" super hot sex up against walls, and spankings doled out from a variety of whips. For this reason, it's crucial to spend quality time meditating on your boundaries, what you want out of the party, and how far you're comfortable going sexually.

It's also wise not to get too drunk to help adhere to your boundaries and avoid morning-after regret.

Prior to attending the prohibition party, I had attended one other play party.