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Courtney Hardwick By day, Courtney is a digital marketing copywriter living in Toronto, Canada.

"I’d definitely like to do Celebs Go Dating but there are other TV shows I’m lined up for too." When asked, Megan had a spookily similar response: "It’s a bit complicated at the moment.You get to know someone, and you figure out where they can fit into your life. I could be missing out on someone that I get along with, just because I didn't "swipe right" on their profile. If he or she doesn't "text back" right away, we freak the hell out.Instead of going out somewhere and getting to know a potential boyfriend of girlfriend, millennials go through this awkward stage of texting for a few weeks. We think that our compatibility is based on physical appearance, which is horrible. We are missing out on what could be, just because our social standards are changing. We interpret not getting a text back as not being fond of one another.When you start using the words ‘months’ or even ‘years’ to keep track of how long it’s been.It’s not a real dry spell unless the unit you use to measure it is expressed in plural form.I don’t really know what else to say about it." We're yet to see the split on but Pete has immediately taken to Twitter, saying he doesn't want to go on dating shows, and that he just said he wanted Rob Beckett to narrate his life.

Which, er doesn't seem to be anywhere near what he's reported to have said, so who knows?!

When it’s been awhile since you’ve had any sort of skin to skin contact with someone, a date could mean a light at the end of the tunnel.

But that just makes it that much harder when your date turns out the be a mirage in the barren desert that your sex life has become.

These couples “go out” to venues together and think of each other as attached.

Still, it’s always a good idea to make your expectations clear with your partner so no one gets blindsided (this is where that “define the relationship” talk comes in).

When your friends in relationship complain that they haven’t had sex in “literally two whole weeks.” You’re either side-eyeing them so hard but keeping your mouth shut to protect your own pride, or taking what little joy you can out of seeing their faces when you tell them it’s been “a literal year” since you’ve even Watching entirely too much porn. Or scrolling through too many pages of dirty Tumblr pictures.