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Granny mobile

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The best things about it are: You can order a Doro 332 from uk.

If you talk to us first, before you contact your local authority, we will be able to advise you on whether planning permission is required and handle all the negotiations and applications with your Local Council for you.Because we construct all of our products in a modern, factory-controlled environment utilising the latest labour-saving manufacturing techniques, we are able to deliver fantastic savings to our customers. All of our structures have been designed to be easily transportable, if you need to move house or want to sell it, it’s so simple.Wall frames and the chassis are made from a combination of aluminium and galvanised steel.Whether you’re in Sydney, Newcastle, or anywhere else in NSW, you’ll appreciate the convenience and space these units offer. All of our structures have been innovatively designed to meet the legal standards of a registerable caravan.Under REG 77 Local Government Act 2005, these can be used as permanent place of residence in NSW.Aluminium composite panels are used for the internal linings, meaning little to no maintenance for occupants.

The exterior contains insulated vinyl cladding carrying a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

By choosing one of our granny or grandpa annexes that are self-contained and separate from your main dwelling, you can offer them both independence and privacy, with the peace of mind of being within easy reach.

Our single-storey Accommodation lodges include the rooms you want from a sitting and dining area as well as a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

What has had them singled out in the market, is the fact that they are not only dumby-proof but also rather nice looking.

No one wants to be carrying around an ugly, brick of a phone just because they want something that’s easy to use.

A clever Stockholm-based company called Doro has dedicated itself to designing telecom products specifically for your age group.