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Hot girls

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Which is funny because one of the girls is not willing to commit to a boyfriend that may or may not be temporary but she has no problem committing to something that is forever.

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The jealously coming out of her eyes, insecurity just flowing from her. This is the type of girl that stares down other women at malls.One of the other girls says she really wants implants.The Casting Agent/Pimp then says "she isn't allowed because she isn't a MILF(Mother I Like to F***) like Jade is".They have the right to, regardless of what one of the girls says, be demeaned, spoken down to, made to vomit.They are just inventory in this industry but somehow they can keep their self respect.At some point you realize that off camera Stella has tried several times to leave. There is a bit of conflicting information however as Stella states she realized the craigslist ad she responded to was for porn "sometime after I boarded the plane".

I wish the film would have delved more into the motives of these girls. The Pimp says that he tells these girls their families WILL find out and these films they participate in do not disappear, they are forever.

But let us not forget, these are all consenting adults.

They have the absolute right to film scenes where a family friend/member takes advantage of them.

Halfway through the documentary you can see it in their faces.

The only reason I even give this documentary 3 starts is because of the few sequences that do engage the viewer.

Stella's meeting with her family and her relationship with her boyfriend are the most redeeming parts of the film. While some of these answers may be clear to the viewer, I'd like to see how delusional these girls are.