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The findings, however, do not seem to take into account the effect of such an ad over time.

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The NOP research found that this phenomenon is even stronger among the Influentials (the one in ten Americans who tell the other nine how to vote, where to eat and what to buy), with 90% of this group making in-person recommendations and 79% makingrecommendations by phone. How does that affect the kind of narrative structure we can build around brands? Saatchi & Saatchi, UK) in his recent interview with Spark/CNN. When you think about the nature of advertising, it’s interesting to note that very few people actually seek it out. well, me (and a few others, I hope) most people don’t flip through their TV channels to skip regular programming in favor of the latest advertisments. Read Full Post » “How can we create a brand relationship with consumers, on behalf of our clients, in this new digitally-enabled universe? Still, much like any form of communications, having a captive audience makes a world of difference.Read Full Post » In case you’ve been living under a rock, the big buzzword in the marketing world this year is WOMM (word of mouth marketing), which emphasizes the value of a brand’s reputation rather than a prefabricated image sold through advertising.Boiled down to its basics, WOMM targets the customer’s experience rather than the brand’s message.Ask an Australian what they think of Qantas (airline) or Telstra (telco) – they both spends millions advertising that they value their customers, but when you call them you have to wait on hold for 15 mins, and their staff are frequently brusque to the point of rudeness due to lack of motivation.

You can guess the answer, they have a reputation of not caring.

And that’s a point that I’ll come back to in a bit. When people use the word “exposure” it is usually in the same sentence as things like “virus” or “bad language” or “TV violence”.

The ads are as much a part of the experience now as what happens on the field, and that’s nice, but it’s the exception that confirms the rule. My kids know how to change the channel, but they don’t during “commercial breaks”. Well, let me tell you about exposure: I don’t usually hear people say that they have been exposed to love or excitement or enthusiasm.

That tells you a lot about the nature of this business, or at least our perception of it. On your commute to and from work, you’re “exposed” to billboard ads. Well, it depends on whether or not you a) have a great product, b) have a captive audience, and c) have the right kind of ad to begin with.

The ads come in on the radio, at the multiplex, at the amusement park, at the store and just about every time you access a website. Be aware that most of you aren’t as cool as you think you are. Researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Washington State University recently examined consumers’ responses to advertising.

The ongoing test, called Project Wanamaker (in Omaha, Nebraska) has already shown some interesting results.