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Im sexy livehome

I think it was like a total of 7 different tables when all said and done. Yehaw One more thing, at $25NL and below, there is not only NO "shallow" but NO "CAP" either.And, I'm still betting the farm that from $50NL to at least $200NL that fish are going to play NLHE and not CAP.

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If Stars got rid of 50bb max tables and the fish were back in 100bb stacked NLHE games OR if I was playing on Full Tilt, I'd have no problem playing 50NL ...My first full month of playing poker is in the books and it felt GREAT.I was definitely rusty at first and I probably haven't shaken off ALL the rust yet until I get into enough tough spots, BUT I was VERY surprised how quickly everything came back. In fact, I felt like I immediately started learning MANY NEW things about my game that were leaks before that I am plugging now.Now that Stars has made this WONDERFUL new announcement, I can HOPEFULLY basically rebuild and try to slowly get where I was before.I've been playing $25NL this month having won around 8 buy-ins or so ...But, the good news is I've played every day except one in 2011 and I'm having a blast again and looking forward to playing ^^^ My first reaction would be that the cap tables will be where the fish will first swim because they'll think that it offers them some sort of protection...should be good hunting edit: My second reaction is that it will wind up being more like a limit game in that it could be difficult to offer someone the incorrect odds to draw to their straight or flush. All the NLHE pool from 50bb max and 100bb max will be merged into one huge fishy pool. Unfortunaley you stop under the level i was hoping you will get,at least hoping that you will grinde at 100-200nl and make some nice cash. 3 tabled 5NL on stars yesterday morning for about 4 hrs.

Fish will NOT go to CAP tables because they look different and not-normal with their "CAP" label. The games at FULL TILT have been AWESOME compared to Stars because 100bb max is "normal" and "shallow" and "CAP" have lables. Any way i want to see your new post now that Stars make this change and alow you to play your "before" game. I think it was like a total of 7 different tables when all said and done. Yehaw Must say that was a very very good read thread. But also i was very disappointed when you start to not posting anything for such a long time.

I wish I could share your optimism, but it's been since 20bb to 100bb tables that I was profitable on Stars and it's been August or so since I've played poker regularly.

I feel like I need to first, remember how to play poker again ...

Many people only watched the opening, saw the bad move 19.

As though Magnus’ pre-match remark on Sergei’s amazing defensive skills had started to mess with his own head.

If the games seem REALLY good, I may start mixing in some $100NL.