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Indian dating from indiandating com

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Agnihotri says that on Footloose No More every member who gets approved gets a screening call."He/ she must submit documents proving their authenticity," says Agnihotri.

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"A user directly meets a hand-picked date over a cup of coffee (or cocktail), and get to know them in person, as opposed to online." Unlike online dating sites in the West, where there typically is a lot of interaction between people paired by computers until they actually meet, Indian sites seem keen to offer a boutique service of hand picking people to meet in person, instead of having to get to know each other through a computer screen."We recently launched a social media campaign called Breaking Stereotypes, which was aimed at disproving stereotypes, thereby supporting compatibility and personal interactions among individuals," he says.According to Kumar, people in India want "more choice in their matchmaking decisions, but don't want to tell people - particularly their parents - that they are registered on dating websites." An online-offline hybrid That's why sites like Sirf Coffee and the others try to sell the idea of a mediated experience, instead of online dating.That's something that is changing and today you have a lot of different options.(Also see: Beyond the norm: Matrimony sites that focus on small groups reap big benefits) Varsha Agnihotri came up with the idea of starting Footloose No More four years ago, when she was at a Holi party."The algorithm is based on an exhaustive research conducted by a team of psychologists who have derived a set of personality attributes responsible for a long term, successful relationship.

The site then matches profiles of people based on who they are, what they are looking for, instead of traditional matches based on caste or location." A site that caters to both Indians and NRIs, Sirf Coffee has a similar approach, and takes care not to identify itself as an online-dating service. Footloose No More claims to have 5,000 members, mostly from Mumbai and Pune; Delhi and Kolkata follow, and then Bangalore and Hyderabad.

It offers integrated solutions, upstream and downstream of the production lines, creating complete and integrated systems.

Indians might have a firm grasp on the idea of online matrimonial websites, but dating on the other hand is not something that a lot of people are comfortable doing, or even talking about, and the country doesn't really have many online dating sites.

You can see people on the site, but you can't message them on your own.

The site matches you, and brings you together at the "curated" events, so there is no "awkwardness or stigma".

"We don't have foreigners yet on our site [Footloose No More], so we would want to look into that," says Agnihotri.