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Intelligent message filter not updating

intelligent message filter not updating-73

After downloading IMF you can now install it on your machine.Note: After installation, the FTP Publishing service is not restarted.

You can learn how to configure it on SP2 by reading Configure Intelligent Message Filter in Exchange 2003 SP2.) you can d/l the IMF standalone tool from the link above and manually install it.Service Pack 2 users do not need to manually perform these steps.If you do, or if you see that legitimate e-mail is deleted or treated as junk you can always go back to the IMF configuration screen and lower your SCL rating.In order to view the SCL rating and understand how it works read the Display SCL Level in Outlook 2003, Display SCL Level in OWA 2003 SP2, Archiving the SCL Rating in Intelligent Message Filter and View Intelligent Message Filter Archive articles.Intelligent Message Filter does not need to be installed on Exchange mailbox servers.

If Intelligent Message Filter is installed and enabled on the gateway SMTP virtual servers, Exchange mailbox servers receive the SCL rating with each incoming Internet message and take the appropriate action.

If the message has a rating below the gateway threshold, the message is sent to the Exchange mailbox store of the recipient.

At the Exchange mailbox store, if the message has a higher rating than the mailbox store threshold, the mailbox store delivers the message to the user’s Junk E-mail folder rather than to the Inbox.

All incoming messages are marked with a Spam Confidence Level SCL rating, regardless of the rating threshold you set.

This rating is saved with the other message properties and these properties are sent with the message to other Exchange servers.

For SP1 follow these steps: Make sure you monitor your Junk Mail folder.