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Is duncan sheik dating

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Using the software provided, fans can isolate and remix White Limousine’s many sonic layers, which were produced, this time out, by Sheik himself.

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MINE is Duncan’s version of these songs; YOURS is a DVD that enables listeners to create their own versions.Here, the thoughtful troubadour expounds on the foibles of our “fearless” leader, the joys of twirling the night away at Twilo with hundreds of gay men, and the indescribable highs of composing for musical theater.There’s some lyrical content on this record that is new for you—less personal, more political, more cultural commentary.“I've resisted putting those thoughts to music until now.But there's a point where not doing so seems irresponsible.” The disc also includes Sheik’s trademark ruminations on the joy that is inherent in every moment of life, as well as the evanescence of even the most perfect love.The latter was a collaboration with playwright/lyricist Steven Sater, with whom the songwriter would create two more productions he calls “anti-musicals:” a musically modern reading of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Nightingale and a reworking of the 19th Century playwright Frank Wedekind’s Spring Awakening, which premiered at New York's Lincoln Center in 2005 and will have it’s first full production later this year at the prestigious Atlantic Theater in New York.

Sheik has also scored the New York Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night, and composed the music for the Magic Theater’s upcoming production of “Another Golden Rome” in San Francisco.

It’s tricky because obviously, in the culture, people still want bubblegum, and they still want mindlessness.

Because the political reality is so scary, a lot of people want even more of that because they just don’t want to pay any attention to the bad stuff that is obviously going on.

That’s the hardest part for me—just turning on the TV and seeing so much mindless, pointless programming.

Well, it seems like even the news has been taken over by a high degree of sensationalism.

The talented singer-songwriter, known mostly for his finely wrought examinations ofromantic and spiritual states of being, has turned his gaze to the state of the world on his new album White Limousine.