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Jared leto and scarlett johansson dating

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After complimenting the iconic editor's fur shrug, the actress gushed, "Ooooh we are such fashionable ladies!" While the beauty downed cocktails, Wintour sipped on water.

Instead, she sipped champagne as she waited, chatting with Cheryl Hines and a female friend who exited the restroom and complimented Johansson on her dress.When she got up to take the microphone, Lady Gaga left her mom and dad with, telling the Black Eyed Peas alum, "Now you can hang with my parents." He spent time with Mama and Papa Gaga as they nervously anticipated their daughter's big gig.actress nabbed one of the coveted Lego Oscar trophies during Tegan and Sara's fittingly awesome "Everything Is Awesome" performance.actress spent time with her father Edwin Miller at the Dolby Lounge, ordering glasses of champagne for herself and her dad before canceling his glass upon his refusal.As the two embraced and chatted, Miller showed her papa a selfie that she took with her director Clint Eastwood."I've had one drink, I've had one drink," Blanchett joked, inspiring a fit of laughter from her pal.

When she wasn't speaking to Blanchett, Wintour offered a quick wave to an excited Jennifer Aniston.

Later, she spoke about her new baby Rose, gushing about the little girl and her own experience with motherhood.

As she spoke about the 6-month-old, the man to whom she was speaking stepped on her dress, but she was too polite to say anything.

'"Her wish came true as she received humorous well-wishes in an escalator.

Actress Scarlett Johansson was spotted holding hands with ex-squeeze Jared Leto at the Democratic National Convention Thursday – even resting her head on his arm at one point – but insists the political pairing was completely platonic.

tribute performance, was "so sweet" with her parents Cindy and Joe Germanotta, insiders tell Us.