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Lionel train sets dating

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Although it will require some time and dedication to comb through lists of vintage Lionel trains and their model numbers, the process will not only help you find your train's age but also give you an idea of the range in value for vintage train sets.

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what are the best methods to use to clean these trains up without damaging them, the wheels have begun to rust and the bodies do have some mold/mildew on them, is there anything I should look for? A soft tooth brush will get the cars clean, but don't use it on any lettering or logos.In 1959, the Virginian merged with the Norfolk and Western, and all of the Trainmasters became N&W locomotives.The body of this locomotive is molded in gray plastic and is fully painted.Check out the close-up photos, and thanks for looking!SERIALThere are several small factors that changed over the years, which can be used to identify the different versions. This water tower would be a perfect addition to your BUCKET AND CHAIN COAL ELEVATOR (38-42 and 46-50). block, but is ready to serve the coal trains on your layout. Please check out the photos for the exact condition. SERIALNEW YORK CENTRAL PACEMAKER BOXCAR WITH RUBBER STAMPED LETTERING both sides of the door on that one side. You can't beat this classic NYC Pacemaker paint scheme, one of the best looking Lionel produced.His career has spanned advocacy, medical communications and public relations and his stories have won awards from the Virginia Press Association.

Browning earned a Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature from the University of Virginia.

Climb aboard Lionel’s new steam passenger set decorated in Strasburg Rail Road.

Led by a rugged 0-8-0 locomotive, this set features two coaches and an observation car painted in authentic Strasburg colors, and comes complete with an oval of Fas Track and an 80-watt transformer.

These guides help both expert collector and amateur hobbyist date a particular Lionel train set.

Online sellers also categorize vintage train sets by year of manufacture and type of train, and they usually include photos of trains to allow you to determine a match with your train.

These books are usually available at bookstores or online, or you could also check your local library's reference section.