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Marko jaric dating

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“Once I forgave cheating, the second time I will not,” the supermodel supposedly told a friend.

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They were married in 2009 and she was soon pregnant with her first child (born 2010). Though all seemed well, there was trouble in paradise, and that trouble has come to the fore now: Former NBA player Marko Jaric and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima have split after five years of marriage.Attractive women are, in their mind, the ultimate prize and they cannot see why any man like Jaric would not work tirelessly and unconditionally to hold onto them.This is only the perspective of a man on the outside looking in, a view that can only be held consistently by men who have not interacted extensively with very attractive women and are a touch starved (read: “thirsty”) for their attention.“After long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage,” they said in a statement to People.“We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters that we will continue to co-parent.Too many men, blinded by beauty and their own thirst for it, are unwilling to consider this second possibility.

This is why it is important for any red pill male to quench the thirst, ditch the pedestal, recognize female humanity and act accordingly.

Marko Jaric has been married to Adriana Lima for over half a decade now. He’s had intercourse with her hundreds (if not thousands) of times. He’s seen a personal side of her that none of us have ever seen, and knows things about her that are simply not public knowledge.

If you’re a typical guy, your knowledge of Adriana Lima comes from beautiful photos of her appearances at events or modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret.

Don’t let a woman’s beauty and your thirst for it blind you to her faults, or coax you into ignoring them at your own expense.

2006 - Present Adriana and NBA star Marko Jaric confirmed their dating status in November 2007 and they eloped in a private ceremony on Valentine's Day 2009 with plans to have two ceremonies in their respective towns.

We only see Jaric and Lima’s public personas – we don’t know who they actually are. For all we know, she could be an excellent woman who has done absolutely nothing to earn this behavior from Jaric.